Bed Bugs Strike University of Washington and Hastings-on-Hudson Libraries

bed bugs in books Bed Bugs Strike University of Washington and Hastings on Hudson LibrariesBed bugs are very common pests in houses, apartments and hospitals. But did you know that they could also be in libraries? And apparently, the University of Washington and the Hastings-on-Hudson libraries are two of those that have already dealt with their presence.

In an article by, it was said that borrowing books from local libraries and bringing them back home for a good read is no longer a pleasant idea for a hobby. And that’s no thanks to bed bugs. Sneaky as they are, it said that they could hitchhike in books and hide in their covers and spines.

As it quoted a professor of entomology at University of Kentucky in Lexington named Michael Potter, the article related that reports of bed bugs in libraries increased in the past few years. And to keep the books safe from them and the patrons to continue using the libraries, officials employed different bed bug elimination tactics.

While other libraries not yet affected by the pests focus more on preventing possible bed bug infestation, the University of Washington froze the books with bed bugs in a freezer for a week. Meanwhile, the director of Hastings-on-Hudson hired pest-controllers who heated the library’s furniture at 130 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour.

But although the techniques implemented by the specified two libraries were surely effective, they aren’t just the bed bug elimination tactics that work. Another way that could kill the vampire-like pests is the use of a bed bug spray.

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