Bed Bugs Bugged University of Texas Dormitories

universityof texas laurel village 300x225 Bed Bugs Bugged University of Texas DormitoriesBed bugs are now a frequent sight to many schools. The University of Texas in San Antonio is among those campuses often visited by the blood-sucking pests. In fact, just this Wednesday, the fourth bed bug case in one of its dormitories was reported.

University Spokesman, David Gabler, announced last Wednesday the sighting of bed bugs for the fourth time in one of the university’s residence facilities. Specifically, the pests were found in one room at Laurel Village, an apartment-style dormitory managed by UTSA. University Oaks and Chisholm Hall were the two other residence halls previously affected by the pests.

To exterminate bed bugs, the university implemented a heat treatment. Officials also informed the 3800 students living on-campus about the bed bug situation via email. And to prevent future bed bug problems, additionally, they advised students to watch for bed bugs and signs of their presence.

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The University of Texas at San Antonio is battling its fourth case of dormitory bedbugs this school year, university spokesman David Gabler said Wednesday.

The most recent case occurred in one room at the apartment-style Laurel Village, a residence hall owned and managed by the university. Gabler said the university exterminated the pests by raising the temperature in the room to 135 degrees and by removing the mattress and carpet.

Previously affected on-campus residence facilities included the privately owned University Oaks and Chisholm Hall.


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Like homes, hospitals and hotels, dormitories are susceptible to bed bug infestation. That’s because people also often come and go in them. Hence, UTSA and all the other universities must implement effective procedures to counter bed bugs.

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